About Us

The drug discovery industry is currently experiencing the beginning of a shift away from traditional pharmacology towards AI-driven inferences. Our drug-screening platform combines two novel technologies: a custom laboratory assay that fingerprints a cell’s epigenome, and proprietary machine learning algorithms that match drugs to diseases based on their epigenetic fingerprints. We screen drugs with unrivaled precision and nominate clinically-relevant compounds faster and more effectively.

Our Science

The biology of our cells is a web of connections, and it is unfortunate that most drug discovery efforts start by targeting a single protein, gene, or metabolite in isolation. At Arpeggio, we understand that therapeutics should be designed around changes in the biological network as a whole.

Where existing biomarker selection strategies nominate thousands of potential markers, ours nominates fewer than ten.

Existing biomarker selection strategies routinely nominate thousands of downstream effects, making it difficult to select the right one. This shortcoming is due to the fact that traditional assays measure aggregate, long-term changes, rather than immediate impacts following treatment. Arpeggio’s science is based on a biological assay that measures immediate changes to the epigenome, the dynamic part of our DNA. Coupled with our proprietary machine learning algorithms, our technology enables accurate predictions about how a drug will affect the biological networks inside our cells.